DeathChest 2. 8. 2-New

DeathChest 2.8.2-New
DeathChest will create a chest with all your drops when you die
You want that your players place their items in chests when they die instead of dropping the items on the ground? Then you should try this plugin.
What is it?
DeathChest will create a chest with the players items when he die.
There also 3 different types of chests: Death Chests, Kill Chests and Home Chests. You can also spawn tombstones instead of chests.
Death Chests:
Death Chests are placed when the player dies and he didn't got killed by a player.

This chests are protected so only the owner can open them. You can also spawn tombstones instead of chests.
Kill Chests:
Kill Chests are placed when a player got killed by another player.
This chests are not protected and accessible by all players.
Home Chests:
Home Chests can be set by a player. If the home chest is not empty the loot will be stored in the home chest instead of placing a new death chest.
Tombstones are signs with custom texts.

It can be used for death chests and kill chests. You can use colors and placeholders:
– %player – player's name
– %displayname – player's displayname (with prefix & suffix)
– %date – day, month and time when the player died
– %chest – chest type (Death Chest or Kill Chest)
There only a few commands:
/dchest help – Shows the help page –
/dchest home – Set your home chest –
*only use this if you have trouble with non-existing chests
Commands & Permissions:
Code (Text):
# Permission # Description # Command
# deathchest.* Grants all permissions to the player —
#* Allows user to place all types of chest —
#* Protects user from kill chests and can bypass the protection from chests —
# deathchest.locations.* Allows player all usages of /dchest locations /dchest locations
# Allows player to access to the help command /dchest help
# deathchest.reload Allows player to reload the config /dchest reload
# deathchest.remove Allows player to remove chest from himself or other players /dchest remove
# deathchest.locations Allows player to see the locations of his death chests /dchest locations
# deathchest.locations.other Allows player to see the locations of death chests from other players (includes himself) /dchest locations
# Allows player to bypass the protection of death chests —
# If a player kills the player with this permissions no kill chest will be spawned —
# If the player dies, a death chest will be spawned —
# If the player kills another player a kill chest will be spawned —
# Allows player to set their home chest /dchest home

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